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03 May, 2006

Batman - Death and the Maidens

In this 2004 mini-series, Nyssa, furious at her father Ra's al Ghul (Arabic for "The ghoul's head") for abandoning her in a concentration camp, began plotting to destroy him. Nyssa befriended Talia and then kidnapped and brainwashed her. Nyssa plotted to destroy all hope and optimism in the world by assassinating Superman with Kryptonite bullets she stole from the Batcave. While Batman stopped Nyssa from killing Superman, he was unable to stop her from mortally injuring her father. A dying Ra's revealed that this was all part of his greater plan to ensure that his daughters, both initially dissatisfied with his plans, would realize that he was correct in his perceptions about the world and what needed to be done to it, and that they would come to accept their destinies as his heirs. Ra's plan worked: both Nyssa and Talia became the heads of The Demon and the League of Assassins. Talia disavowed her love for Bruce Wayne, and both sisters declared Batman their enemy. However, it was too late for Ra's, as Nyssa stabbed her father through the heart, seemingly killing him for good.

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the dude said...

dude, anychance of puttin these back too?