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11 May, 2006

Batman & Huntress - Cry for Blood

The Huntress is Helena Rosa Bertinelli, who was for a time one of the versions of Batgirl and currently is a member of the Birds of Prey. The don of a rival mafia family orders the murder of the Bertinelli family, leaving a young Helena Rosa Bertinelli alive. Helena's maternal family sends her to Sicily to live with her cousins. Helena learns to hurt those who have hurt her.

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More about the Huntress:

Helena's cousin Sal trains her in a variety of weapons and hand-to-hand combat techniques and schools her in the concept of omerta. When Sal and his father are arrested, a shocked Helena is sent to boarding school in Switzerland. Finally understanding that her family is involved in organized crime, Helena vows to wage war on the criminal underworld. At 16, she briefly returns to Gotham to attend a party held by her mafia-connected uncle, where she first encounters Batman, who inspires her. She attends university at Palermo. Upon graduation, she returns to Gotham and becomes the Huntress.

In the No Man's Land storyline, an earthquake levels Gotham City. The United States government declares Gotham City a "No Man's Land," and Batman disappears. To bring order to the city, Huntress assumes the mantle of Batgirl, and she discovers criminals fear her more as Batgirl than they do as Huntress. When Batman returns, he tells her that if she fails him, she must give up the costume. After the "No Man's Land" storyline ends and she recuperates, Batman and his "family" become distant and combative again when she is framed for a series of murders.

Batman sponsors Huntress' membership in the Justice League, and for some time, Huntress is a respected member of the League. Under the guidance of heroes such as Superman, Helena grows in confidence but is forced to resign after Batman stops her from killing the villain Prometheus


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