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06 May, 2006

Batman - Knightfall EVent

Batman: Knightfall is the title given to a major Batman story arc published by DC Comics in 1993. It is also the umbrella title to the trilogy of storylines that ran from 1993 to 1994. They consisted of "Knightfall", "Knightquest", and "KnightsEnd".

Bane, introduced in Batman: Vengeance of Bane, began a series of encounters letting Batman know of his presence and his intentions. This culminates in an assault on Arkham Asylum where Bane broke the inmates free, planning to weaken Batman by forcing him to deal with his deadliest villains at one time. Batman faces every villain in Gotham, from the small-time ones like the Mad Hatter to the Joker and Scarecrow, refusing assistance at every step of the way and becoming weaker and weaker in the process. Bane finally makes his move, presenting himself in Wayne Manor to an exhausted Batman (his Venom-enhanced logic deduced that Batman could be no one except for Bruce Wayne) Bane overcomes Batman easily and breaks his back so that Batman must live with the pain of losing. With Batman out of the way, Bane assumes control of Gotham City's underworld....


Fardeen said...

Is it just me, or are the files downloading as html files instead of CBRs? Do I have to rename the extension?

Blue Apple said...

check out the TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE on the sidebar

Anonymous said... yo hav the comics that occur after the knightfall i.e.after the 19 comix....where batman 's mantle is taken by bruce wayne.....

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have the comics after Knightfall? Knightsend and Knightsquest. I would really like to complete the series

Anonymous said...

Knightfall Saga
Originally posted by Milton Takao

Knightfall - Broken Bat

Knightfall - Who Rules The Night

Knightquest - The Search

Knightquest-The Crusade 1

Knightquest-The Crusade 2

Knight's End

downloads by bittorrent

***N Kirti Kiran Kumar( also known as Bruce Wayne)