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05 May, 2005

Gotham Central (Batman)

Gotham Central was a police procedural comic book series that was published by DC Comics. It focused on the Gotham City Police Department and the difficulties of its officers living and working in Gotham City, home of Batman.The comics were a commercial failure, although it is arguable that they were an artistic success. The series eventually became notorious for its outstanding reviews, dedicated fanbase and poor sales and was ended on issue 40.Gotham Central's debut yielded Eisner Award nominations in 2003 for Best New Series, Best Writer-Rucka, Best Writer-Brubaker, and Best Penciller/Inker-Lark. It ended up winning the Eisner Award - Best Serialized Story 2004 - "Half a Life" (Gotham Central #6-10) and the Harvey Award - Best Single Issue or Story 2004 - "Half a Life" (Gotham Central #6-10)

Links Dead gimme a month or two to re-upload


Emir said...

Could you please upload the download links. :) Appreciate it and keep up the good work!

neem said...

Hey dude plsssss upload GOTHAM CENTRAL. Jesus......of all the superheroes batman's my fav & of all his comic this Gotham Central is fav. I like sesitive comic such as Hitman 34# Of Thee I Sing. Gotham Central bears same sensitivity. Pls dude upload it n msg me to
Thanx in advance.

neem said...

hey dude!! know u might b busy with ur stuff too, bt don mind, jus a frendly request about Gotham central includin Half a Life. N if u understand my taste like these n likes of Of Thee I Sing, do recomend me similar stuff!! Tanx.

Marcelo Oliveira said...

Pls dude upload it n msg me to