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18 May, 2006

Superman - Godfall

Superman: Godfall is a mini-series under the pretext where Krypton was never destroyed... The Futuresmith's changed Metropolis's reality and the Man of Steel has gone missing! Superman awakes as an adult on a Krypton he's never seen before complete with a career, a loving partner and a sense that something is not right, especially when he starts displaying powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal Kryptonians.


Anonymous said...

links do not work

Blue Apple said...

Links are working now...

Arjun said...

yup they're working now..! thanks man!!

::saikat:: said...

U're fantastic man!

I've collected virtually every single post crisis Superman continuity story ever published (1986-2007, including weekly titles, crossovers, annuals and specials). Thanks in no small measure to you for helping me fill in the gaps! I would love to share my collection with your readers, if that's possible?

I was also wondering, if you can upload these issues (the only ones I'm missing)---

1997 (Superman Man of Tomorrow #8)
1998 (Superman Save The Planet #1)
2006 (Superman # 654, Superman 657)
2007 (Superman 659, Superman 661, Action 852)

Thanks again for your help and please keep up the good work!