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15 June, 2007


Asterix is a fictional character, created in 1959 as the hero of a series of French comic books by René Goscinny (stories) and Albert Uderzo (illustrations). Uderzo has continued the series since the death of Goscinny in 1977.

Asterix is a very small but fearless and cunning warrior, ever eager for any new adventure. He lives around 50 BC in a fictional village in northwest Armorica (a region of ancient Gaul mostly identical to modern Brittany). This village is celebrated as the only part of Gaul not yet conquered by Julius Caesar and his Roman legions. The inhabitants of the village gain superhuman strength by drinking a magic potion prepared by the druid Getafix. The village is surrounded by the ocean on one side, and four unlucky Roman garrisons on the other, intended to keep a watchful eye and ensure that the Gauls do not get up to mischief.

Obelix is a sidekick with superhuman strength. He is Asterix' closest friend (they even have the same birthday) and works as a menhir delivery man when not bashing Romans. Obelix also owns the quarry where he chisels the menhirs himself. It is never directly stated what the menhirs are used for, though it is hinted that they are just oversized knick-knacks. Obelix usually trades the stones away for whatever he needs, resulting in the village having a literal field of menhirs. He has a little dog named Dogmatix.

And they bash up Romans pirates and whoever comes their way and have fun ;)

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Anonymous said...

Its good to see all the comics here, but I still get more satisfaction by reading a comic book rather than on the computer, good work keep it up

Debarshi said...

Can you upload the comics version of the film Asterix n Vikings??

Blue Apple said...

I like it when people throw a challenge rather than crib. I WILL TRY! Will update post when I find it

jaspreet said...

great stuff
absolutely love your work
and feel bad that recently you lost lot of your links

Do keep up the good work

Branislav said...

I already had almost all comics, now my collection is complete thx 2 u.
Do u need some help?

Le said...
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Faust said...

Par Toutatis !
Try to see Astérix : Mission Cléopâtre, because the first movie SUCKS .
And by the way ... the animated films sucks too (Believe me, I'm french, so I know better ;) )!

Keshav said...

by toutatis and belenos, you rock!! :)

manthiram said...

mate...this is fabulous as usual...thank you...

btw...could you possibly try and upload the non-film versions for a couple of tasks of asterix,

manthiram said... apple, do you know what happened to bdcomics? the site seems to have disappeared..

also, in case you guys are interested, a few more comic sites for you:





mob1900 said...

You're Da Man!

Comic Guy said...

Great site for all comic lover...but phantom/mandrake comics in it are missing..any plan to post phantom comics such as Frews,Moonstone,Charlton,Gold Key comics??...i will be linking your site on mine buddy

Anonymous said...

Respect man. Great work - keep on!