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26 July, 2007

Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes was a daily comic strip written and illustrated by Bill Watterson, following the humorous antics of Calvin, an imaginative six-year old boy and Hobbes, his energetic and sardonic—albeit stuffed—tiger. The strip was syndicated from November 18, 1985 to December 31, 1995. At its height, Calvin and Hobbes was carried by over 2,400 newspapers worldwide. To date, more than 30 million copies of the 18 Calvin and Hobbes books have been printed, and popular culture is still replete with references to the strip.

The strip is vaguely set in the contemporary Midwestern United States, on the outskirts of suburbia, a location probably inspired by Watterson's home town of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Calvin and Hobbes appear in most of the strips, though several focused instead upon Calvin's family. The broad themes of the strip deal with Calvin's flights of fantasy, his friendship with Hobbes, his misadventures, his views on a diverse range of political and cultural issues and his relationships and interactions with his parents, classmates, educators, and other members of society. A number of cartoons feature Calvin announcing the results of "polls of household six-year-olds" to his father, treating his father's position as though it were an elected political office.


klev said...

Hey, thanks for keeping these alive for so long, these are great!

I'm in the process of resizing the images so they take up more of the screen with a comic reader, I'll drop you the links when I'm done if it interests you.


Anonymous said...

thanx so much for the link

spider_pc said...

Thanks so much for keeping these links alive for so long!

I never before read something about Calvin & Hobbes. I will star whit this.

black hole said...

Thnx a lot buddy

Anna said...

Thanks so much for posting these :) !

Anonymous said...

I was looking for these for so long! This is my favorite comic and I wanted a digital version to carry around with me. Thanks!