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02 July, 2008

The Hood

The Hood published in 2003 stars Parker Robbins, a lowlife thug who steals a red cloak from an alien/demon, and gains various abilities while wearing the uniform. After living a bad life, Parker reforms and decides to be a hero.

Parker Robbins is a high school dropout who became a low life thug. At a bar one night, his cousin points out a man. His cousin says that the man is Electro, a villain who most commonly battles Spider-Man. The life of a villain, with kicks like these, entices Parker. Parker eventually steals an alien's technology (or possibly a demon's magical possessions), taking its red cloak and hood and finding that they give him powers.

Parker decides to use his new abilities to become a supervillain.His first big idea as a criminal (taking the name "The Hood") is to steal diamonds that are being taken into the U.S. When the crime boss loses his diamonds, he hires villains Constrictor, Jack O'Lantern, and the Shocker (more Spider-Man foes). Hood manages to defeat the supervillains, but a police officer is murdered in the process, and he is wanted for his involvement in the killing. Parker manages to con the cops into shooting the "killer", but the officer's partner realizes that the Hood is still out there, and the alien/demon awakens at the end of the series.The Hood comes to mainstream Marvel in the series Beyond Which I will be posting soon!

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