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19 June, 2008

Mortal Kombat

The comic series began following the release of the first Mortal Kombat game in 1992 for home consoles, which was already a phenomenial hit in the arcades. The comic books were originally released following the pre-order of the game to give fans some background information of Mortal Kombat, and to also hype up the fans about the game. The comic books were supposed to end there, seeing that the fans were supposed to be more interested in playing the game rather than reading about it . However, it was realised upon that the comic book series had garned some sales potential, and therefore the trend of selling the comic book series began.The comics were popular, especially during the rise of the Mortal Kombat series. Sadly, as the series lost popularity in the late 1990s so did the comic books.

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spider_pc said...

I read this when i was a child, a lots of memorys...