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12 February, 2007

Farnk Miller's RoboCop

Frank Miller's RoboCop is comic book mini-series published by Avatar Press. The series was personally overseen by Miller based on his own unused screenplay for the film RoboCop 2 and notes of unused ideas for RoboCop 3. It was written by Steven Grant with artwork was done by Juan Jose Ryp.

The series was composed of nine issues that were published from August 2003 through February 2006 under Avatar's Pulsar Press line.

Frank Miller's long-unseen follow-up to the 1987 blockbuster film finally sees the light of day. The machine that was born as Alex Murphy continues his war against the criminals of Old Detroit. But his human soul still haunts him with a sympathetic conscience and memories of his past life.

When his creators and benefactors of the Omni Consumer Products (OCP) corporation get wind of this, they deem RoboCop obsolete. Now our hero and his resilient partner, Officer Anne Lewis, are pitted not only against the scum of the streets, but the new OCP model that shows no mercy.

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