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21 October, 2006

The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge McDuck or Uncle Scrooge is a fictional Scottish character created by Carl Barks who first appeared in #178 Christmas on Bear Mountain in December 1947 as Donald Duck's maternal Uncle. Over the decades, Scrooge has emerged from being just a supporting character of the Donald Duck Universe, spawning his own comic book series, Uncle Scrooge with subsequent appearances in various television specials, films, and video games. Uncle Scrooge is a comic book with the moneygrubber Scrooge McDuck 'the richest duck in the world' as the main character. The series also featured Donald Duck and his nephews as supporting characters.


comiclover said...

I really love your blog.It's really handy that I can read my own comics on computer now.
But everytime I download I must wait xxx minutes.
Can you please put all the comics in 1 download?

Blue Apple said...

Link added jus now

Anonymous said...

Amazing collection!If you have new links,please share them with us.Blue Apple Comics rules!

Blue Apple said...

Got lots... people keep cribbing for large links... not on of my favorite jobs (bunching up links) so the posts remain unpublished...

I shall post some next.

vvk said...

Wonderful blog you have here. I am hooked. But I happen to be behind a firewall that doesn't permit large downloads. I know everyone is asking for large downloads. Could you please provide smaller links, especially for the preacher series of comics. I am stuck after reading the 40th issue. Thanks a lot.

rake said...

it seems that i can't read the "The Life And Times Of Scrooge McDuck" files using cdisplay, is it because of cbr.html?

Blue Apple said...

jus rename extension .cbr.html as .cbr!

Chris said...

Unlike everyone else I have no complaints or whiny requests. I just wanted to say thank you very very much for the scans of the Scrooooooge! I loved these when I was a kid. Here is a gift in return if you dont have them already, of a seto links to the Giant Dell Disney issues:
*22-Huey, Dewey and Louie, Back to School:

*30-Disneyland Usa:

*33-Daisy Duck and Uncle Scrooge Picnic Time:

*35-Huey , Dewey and Louie Back to School:

*38-Uncle Donald and his Nephews Family Fun:

*39-Disney’s Merry Xmas:

*47-Mickey and Donald in Vacationland:

*49-Huey, Dewey and Louie Back to School:

*52-Uncle Donald and his nephews Dude Ranch:

*53-Donald Duck Merry xmas:

*55-Daisy Duck and Uncle Scrooge Showboat:

rake said...

blue apple, i'm dying to read the complete series of time and life of scrooge mc duck, but even after i rename to cbr or cbz, comic rack or cdisplay cant open them, my computer detects them as "html" file, help please, thank you

The Blue Apple said...

@ rake

Please replace the extension .cbr.html to .cbr
.cbz.html to .cbz

AneXus said...

just info, there is a bit trouble about those file... the last page is corrupted and cannot be opened...

AneXus said...

Just an info... but there is a bit problem about this file...

the last page is corrupted and cannot be opened... Wish it could be replaced...

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comments of rake and the answer of Blue Apple:

Dear Blue Apple, actually I have the same probleme as rake. And it seems that you did not get the point yet, so I try to explan more exactly.

It's clear that cbr.html to cbr. That was my first thought, and I think also rakes problem is not, that he doesn't understand that he must rename or doesnt know how to to do that.

In fact the problem is that in some newer windows version (Vista especially) the renaming procedure as suggested by you is not possible. Why? Because in the name line you never get a "cbr.html" that could be changed to "cbr". What you get is a hmtl file detected by the pc as hmtl, that has - in the name line - the extension "cbr" - and only "cbr". This file cannot be opened as hmtl file. It also cannot be opened as a comic rack file or similiar.You also cannot rename the extension, because it already has the right extension, but is detected and read as the wrong file, and there seems to be no way to change that.

Consequence: All your uploads without exception are completely worthless to anybody who has Vista, or faces that very same problem.And it is understandeable if somebody downloaded a longer file for hours to find out that its completely useless for him, he gets angry, cause he wasted his time.

Therefore I dare make to suggestions:
A) The make a disclaimer explaning that, so people who cannot use your uploads don't start download in the first place
B) Don not use double hmtl.cbr or html.cbz again, since new upcoming windows versions in the future may have the same problem. So your whole archive may be inaccessible one day.

yours sincerely


chacha said...

Thank you very much for your sharing Uncle Donald, Uncle Scrooge. It's very nice to find your blog...Thank you again.