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20 May, 2006

Superman - Red Son (Elseworld)

In this elseworld tale, Superman's rocket ship lands on a Ukrainian collective
farm rather than in Kansas. Instead of fighting for "... truth, justice, and the
American Way," Superman is described in Soviet propaganda broadcasts "... as the
Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin,
socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact."

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Superman - The reign of Emperor Joker

Superman: The reign of Emperor Joker was published in 2000.

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18 May, 2006

Superman - Godfall

Superman: Godfall is a mini-series under the pretext where Krypton was never destroyed... The Futuresmith's changed Metropolis's reality and the Man of Steel has gone missing! Superman awakes as an adult on a Krypton he's never seen before complete with a career, a loving partner and a sense that something is not right, especially when he starts displaying powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal Kryptonians.

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16 May, 2006

Spiderman - Giant Size

Spider-Man (Peter Parker) first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962), he has become one of the world's most popular, enduring and recognizable superheroes.
Marvel has published several Spider-Man comic book series, the first being The Amazing Spider-Man. Over the years, the Peter Parker character has developed from shy high school student to troubled college student to married professional.

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12 May, 2006

Trinity: Batman Superman Wonderwoman

BATMAN/SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN: TRINITY tells the remarkable tale of the turbulent first encounter of the world’s most iconic heroes. When Batman’s greatest nemesis, Ra’s al Ghul, recruits Bizarro and an Amazon warrior to aid him in his plan to create global chaos, the Darknight Detective suddenly finds himself working with the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess. Looking to thwart the madman’s plot to simultaneously destroy all satellite communications as well as all of the world’s oil reserves, Earth’s greatest heroes reluctantly band together. But if Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are to have any hope of stopping Ra’s’ nuclear missile assault, they will first need to overcome their own biases and reconcile their differing philosophies

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11 May, 2006

Batman Adventures: The Lost Years

Batman Adventures is a DC comic book series featuring Batman. It is different from other Batman titles in that it is set in the continuity (and style) of Batman: The Animated Series as opposed to the regular DC Universe

Shortly after The New Batman Adventures began airing on Kids WB!, DC Comics published a five issue miniseries titled The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years. This series bridged the gap between the end of Batman: The Animated Series and the start of the new show.

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Batman & Huntress - Cry for Blood

The Huntress is Helena Rosa Bertinelli, who was for a time one of the versions of Batgirl and currently is a member of the Birds of Prey. The don of a rival mafia family orders the murder of the Bertinelli family, leaving a young Helena Rosa Bertinelli alive. Helena's maternal family sends her to Sicily to live with her cousins. Helena learns to hurt those who have hurt her.

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Helena's cousin Sal trains her in a variety of weapons and hand-to-hand combat techniques and schools her in the concept of omerta. When Sal and his father are arrested, a shocked Helena is sent to boarding school in Switzerland. Finally understanding that her family is involved in organized crime, Helena vows to wage war on the criminal underworld. At 16, she briefly returns to Gotham to attend a party held by her mafia-connected uncle, where she first encounters Batman, who inspires her. She attends university at Palermo. Upon graduation, she returns to Gotham and becomes the Huntress.

In the No Man's Land storyline, an earthquake levels Gotham City. The United States government declares Gotham City a "No Man's Land," and Batman disappears. To bring order to the city, Huntress assumes the mantle of Batgirl, and she discovers criminals fear her more as Batgirl than they do as Huntress. When Batman returns, he tells her that if she fails him, she must give up the costume. After the "No Man's Land" storyline ends and she recuperates, Batman and his "family" become distant and combative again when she is framed for a series of murders.

Batman sponsors Huntress' membership in the Justice League, and for some time, Huntress is a respected member of the League. Under the guidance of heroes such as Superman, Helena grows in confidence but is forced to resign after Batman stops her from killing the villain Prometheus

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10 May, 2006

Batman - The Cult

A fanatical religious leader who formed an army in the sewers beneath Gotham, largely composed of the homeless, Blackfire began a violent war on crime, which escalated into him taking over the entire city resulting in it being isolated from the rest of the country. Blackfire was something of a one-shot villain. He appeared in the four issue miniseries The Cult, at the end of which, he was killed by his followers.

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08 May, 2006

Batman - Legacy

Batman: Legacy is a story arc in the Batman comic book series, which is a sequel to another Batman story arc, Batman: Contagion and also serves as a follow-up to Batman: Knightfall story arc. It concerns the returning outbreak of a lethal disease in Gotham City, and Batman's attempts to combat it with his closest allies by discovering its origin on the Middle East. There, Batman faces two of his deadliest foes: Ra's Al Ghul, who created the virus centuries ago, and Bane, the man who crippled him. The Gotham Knights travelled throughout the world as they race to stop The League of Assasins from releasing the pure strain of the virus across the globe, and Gotham itself would be a place of rematch between the Dark Knight and Bane. The events of this lead into Batman: Cataclysm (though there was a gap of over a year between the two story arcs), which itself leads into No Man's Land. More immediately, it celebrated the 700th issue of Detective Comics.

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06 May, 2006

Batman - Knightfall EVent

Batman: Knightfall is the title given to a major Batman story arc published by DC Comics in 1993. It is also the umbrella title to the trilogy of storylines that ran from 1993 to 1994. They consisted of "Knightfall", "Knightquest", and "KnightsEnd".

Bane, introduced in Batman: Vengeance of Bane, began a series of encounters letting Batman know of his presence and his intentions. This culminates in an assault on Arkham Asylum where Bane broke the inmates free, planning to weaken Batman by forcing him to deal with his deadliest villains at one time. Batman faces every villain in Gotham, from the small-time ones like the Mad Hatter to the Joker and Scarecrow, refusing assistance at every step of the way and becoming weaker and weaker in the process. Bane finally makes his move, presenting himself in Wayne Manor to an exhausted Batman (his Venom-enhanced logic deduced that Batman could be no one except for Bruce Wayne) Bane overcomes Batman easily and breaks his back so that Batman must live with the pain of losing. With Batman out of the way, Bane assumes control of Gotham City's underworld....

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Batman - It's Joker time

The Joker is a homicidal maniac with a clown-like appearance who takes comedic delight in violent crime and challenging Batman. He is generally acknowledged to be Batman's arch-nemesis and worst enemy, gleefully citing the relationship between the two as being Comedy and Tragedy, two sides of the same coin. He was responsible for the crippling of Barbara Gordon, the brutal murder of the second Robin (Jason Todd), and the murder of Sarah Essen Gordon (James Gordon's second wife). His alter-ego is unknown (although referred to in the 1989 Batman as Jack Napier).

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04 May, 2006

Batman Family vol1

The "Batman Family" is the informal name for a group of characters closely associated with Batman, generally costumed vigilantes who either have been trained by Batman or operate in Gotham City with his tacit approval. Two comic book series have used the title Batman Family. Here's the first that ran for 20 issues from 1972 to 1975. This was an anthology title that featured members of the Batman Family, predominantly Batgirl and Robin.


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Batman Family vol2

The "Batman Family" is the informal name for a group of characters closely associated with Batman, generally costumed vigilantes who either have been trained by Batman or operate in Gotham City with his tacit approval. Two comic book series have used the title Batman Family. Here is the second, an eight-issue limited series titled Batman: Family published in 2002 featuring the Batman family.

Download Batman Family vol1 Comics

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03 May, 2006

Batman - Death and the Maidens

In this 2004 mini-series, Nyssa, furious at her father Ra's al Ghul (Arabic for "The ghoul's head") for abandoning her in a concentration camp, began plotting to destroy him. Nyssa befriended Talia and then kidnapped and brainwashed her. Nyssa plotted to destroy all hope and optimism in the world by assassinating Superman with Kryptonite bullets she stole from the Batcave. While Batman stopped Nyssa from killing Superman, he was unable to stop her from mortally injuring her father. A dying Ra's revealed that this was all part of his greater plan to ensure that his daughters, both initially dissatisfied with his plans, would realize that he was correct in his perceptions about the world and what needed to be done to it, and that they would come to accept their destinies as his heirs. Ra's plan worked: both Nyssa and Talia became the heads of The Demon and the League of Assassins. Talia disavowed her love for Bruce Wayne, and both sisters declared Batman their enemy. However, it was too late for Ra's, as Nyssa stabbed her father through the heart, seemingly killing him for good.

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02 May, 2006

War Story vol1 & vol 2 by Garth Ennis

Garth Ennis reinvents the war comic for current sensibilities. Four long stories, each illustrated by a different artist, present World War II from various viewpoints. An exhausted German tank crew in the war's last days tries to be captured by Americans rather than vengeful Russians. The "D-Day Dodgers" fighting in Italy are accused of cowardice for escaping the "real" war. Jaded veterans sent to reconnoiter a remote chateau on the German front discover a cache of Nazi plunder. The crewmen of a British escort ship seek redemption after they're shunned as sole survivors of a brutal German attack. The stories are inspired by real events; Ennis' meticulous research guarantees verisimilitude, while his forceful characterization gives them remarkable power.

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