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20 December, 2007

Hitman by Garth Ennis Misc.

Hitman is a violent, darkly humored, sentimental and occasionally romantic comic book published by DC Comics, written by Garth Ennis. Hitman chronicles the exploits of Tommy Monaghan, a contract killer from the Irish part of Gotham City. He first appears in The Demon Annual #2 (part of the "Bloodlines" crossover), where he is assaulted and wounded by an alien, granting him the unexpected powers of x-ray vision and moderate telepathic powers. He adopts the monniker of "Hitman", an assassin who specializes in killing superhumans and supernatural threats.

Although the character was given "Hitman" as a codename in his first appearance, he only referred to himself by that name once in his own series, in the very first issue; the rest of the time, he is referred to by his given name, although he was sometimes called "Hitman" in guest appearances.

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07 November, 2007

TMNT Presents

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are
Leonardo: The unofficial leader of the group. He is the most talented fighter and is closest to Master Splinter. Donatello: The inventor of the group, Donatello builds most of the turtles gadgets and vehicles. In the future, he wears a purple jacket and is seen without his mask. Raphael: The wisecracking jokester of the group, Raphael can be quite sarcastic and goofy at times. In the future, Raphael weres a hat and an eyepatch. Michelangelo: The most relaxed member of the group, he is mostly into pizza and goofing around with Raphael.

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31 October, 2007

The Authority v3 Revolution

The Authority is a superhero comic book published by DC Comics under the Wildstorm imprint. It was created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, and follows the adventures of The Authority, a superhero team mainly comprised of Ellis-created characters taken from Stormwatch - a title Ellis had previously written.

It is notable for its intense graphic violence, use of racial and sexual stereotypes, and visual flair, often described as "widescreen" comics, and the uncompromising attitudes of its characters.

The Authority Volume 3: Revolution
The series was restarted in October of 2004 under the title The Authority: Revolution. This series was written by Ed Brubaker with art by Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend. It focuses on the troubles the Authority faces as the rulers of America.

The Authority are plagued by a group of old superhumans called the Sons of Liberty, consisting of old patriotic superheroes from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. They rally American citizens discontented with the Authority's take-over of the US government, and lead a series of riots across the nation, answering to a mysterious man in a hood who operates his own Carrier and has an entire alien race under his control.

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John Woo's Seven Brother - Garth Ennis

Six hundred years ago, a mighty treasure fleet set out to sail the oceans of the world. They reached every continent, discovered every land long before history's great explorers stole the credit for their feats. Now, in modern day Los Angeles, seven men with nothing in common but their destinies are drawn together in the service of a mysterious young woman. An ancient prophecy must be fulfilled. Something terrible is reaching out across the centuries. There's a world to be saved... and the only hope for us all is a motley crew of so-called brothers and a power too terrifying to be used.

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30 October, 2007

Mint Money Free SMSs and More

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24 October, 2007

Transformers 2: Leaked Movie Script

Transformers 2: Leaked Movie Script ahead!

With the AllSpark destroyed, the planet Cybertron is coming to a end.
The Decepticons who are inhabiting it are divided and are on the verge of extinction. The Transformers on Earth have lived in peace since the destruction of Megatron and the eradication of Sector Seven, however, Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots fears that the Decepticons are back and are on the hunt for something far more dangerous than the AllSpark; the very thing that puts soul and life into the Transformers; that very thing is the creation Matrix...
Pumped with many more Transformers Oldies and loosely based on the Transformers Animated Movie, this pre-production script is gonna give you the thrills on whats coming in Transformers 2!!


Thanks Anubhav

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13 October, 2007

Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron

X-wing: Rogue Squadron is a series of comic books published by Dark Horse Comics. The first issue was released on 1 July 1995. It ran for 35 issues.

Story Arcs in the Series:
X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition
X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Battleground: Tatooine
X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Warrior Princess
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Requiem for a Rogue
X-wing Rogue Squadron: In the Empire's Service
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Family Ties
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Masquerade
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Mandatory Retirement

The greatest starfighters of the Rebel Alliance become the defenders of a New Republic in this massive collection of stories featuring Wedge Antilles, hero of the Battle of Endor, and his team of ace pilots known throughout the galaxy as Rogue Squadron!

In Rebel Opposition: Meet the Rogues for the first time and learn the fate of the galaxy immediately after the events of Return of the Jedi as the Rebellion's best pilots battle remnants of the Empire wherever its ugly agenda of fear and domination appears.


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30 September, 2007

52 (Remixed) by Sith Witch

52 REMIXED is an edited and revised version of DC's 52, separated into six storylines that occasionally interweave. The aim here was to fix the lack of tension in some parts of 52 by compressing time and making it coherent and ordered. Download 52 (Complete) here

The storylines are:
Black Adam: Reign of Death 01-09
Booster Gold: Somewhere in Time 01-06
Ralph Dibny: The Quest For Fate 01-04
The Mystery in Space 01-05
The Question: Answer the Question 01-07
U.S. Steel: Be Your Own Hero 01-06

and also 52 Remixed: Secret Files & Origins 01-03

Thanks go out to Kryptonia for the great scans of the original issues of 52, and everyone at Z-Cult who helped with the revision process.


Read 52 (Complete)

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29 September, 2007

Star Wars: Republic

The Star Wars: Republic comic book series is set in the Star Wars galaxy, and spans from 33-19 years before the Battle of Yavin (BBY). The first issue came out on December 16, 1998. There are 83 issues, spanning from before The Phantom Menace to after Revenge of the Sith (32.5 BBY - 19 BBY). It was originally titled simply Star Wars, and acquired its Republic title at issue #46.

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22 September, 2007

Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Removed Links

Blogger has notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that some content in Blue Apple Comics allegedly infringes upon the copyrights of others. The content in question has been removed. So there will be lots of dead links, UPDATED LIST as follows

  1. Civil War
  2. Civil War Inititaive
  3. World War Hulk
  4. X-Men Endangered Species
  5. Astonishing X-Men
  6. Fantastic Four First Family
  7. Marvel Universe The End
  8. Movie Adaptations
  9. Planet Hulk
  10. Professor Xavier and the XMen
  11. Secret Wars I
  12. Spiderman & Human Torch
  13. Spiderman: Amazing
  14. Spiderman: Friendly Neighborhood
  15. Spiderman: Marvel Adventures
  16. Spiderman: One Shots
  17. Spiderman: Sensational
  18. Spiderman Loves Mary Jane
  19. Spiderman: Evolve or Die
  20. Spiderman: Maximum Clonage
  21. Star Trek DS9 - N-Vector & X-Men
  22. Saga of the Original Human Torch
  23. Toxin: New Avengers Tie-in
  24. Ultimate Galactus
  25. Wolverine: One Shots
  26. Wolverine: origin
  27. Wolverine: The End
  28. X-Factor v1
  29. X-Men (Complete)
  30. X-Men Evolution

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18 September, 2007

Donald Duck by Carl Barks

Donald Duck is an animated cartoon and comic-book character from Walt Disney Productions. Although usually easygoing, Donald's most famous trait is his short and often explosive temper. He is also sometimes portrayed as more crafty and cynical than other characters such as Goofy or Mickey.
Donald was created by Walt Disney when he heard Clarence Nash doing his "duck" voice while reciting "Mary had a little lamb". Mickey Mouse had lost some of his edge since becoming a role model for children and Disney wanted a character that could portray some of the more negative character traits he could no longer bestow on Mickey.

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16 September, 2007

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14 September, 2007

The Sadhu

The Sadhu is a comic book series based on the eponymous character of the same name. The Sadhu was created by Gotham Chopra and Jeevan Kang and the series is part of the Shakti line of comics published by Virgin Comics.

The plot revolves around a British soldier by the name of James Jenson who finds himself to be the reincarnated form of a powerful sage from the past. The story primarily deals with the lessons that he has to learn so as to remove his connection with his current life.

The comic book series is the first series from the Virgin line to have been confirmed for a film adaptation with Nicolas Cage in the lead role.

The Series that ended with issue 8, was soon followed up with a second series Sadhu-The Silent Ones, Coming soon on

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08 September, 2007

H G Wells

Herbert George Wells (September 21, 1866 – August 13, 1946), better known as H. G. Wells, was an English writer best known for such science fiction novels as The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The First Men in the Moon and The Island of Doctor Moreau.

He was a prolific writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and produced works in many different genres, including contemporary novels, history, and social commentary. He was also an outspoken socialist. His later works become increasingly political and didactic, and only his early science fiction novels are widely read today. Both Wells and Jules Verne are sometimes referred to as "The Father of Science Fiction".

Complete H G Wells @

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04 September, 2007

Star Wars: Jedi Quest

Jedi Quest is a four-part series of comic books written by Ryder Windham. The first issue published by Dark Horse Comics on 12 September 2001.

The story is set in the Star Wars galaxy four years after the Battle of Naboo in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and 28 years before the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

More Star Wars comics and much more on the way! Do check out the Useful Software section on the side bar!

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30 August, 2007

Star Wars: Jedi vs. Sith

Jedi vs. Sith is a six-part comic book series which was released in a trade paperback graphic novel format. It was created by Ramon F. Bachs, Raul Fernandez and Darko Macan. It was published by Dark Horse Comics (and by Titan Books in Britain).

The events depicted are set in the Star Wars Expanded Universe about 1000 years before the prequel films. It tells the story of the Battle of Ruusan which concludes the New Sith Wars between the Sith and the Jedi. The comic books series depicts the apparent destruction of the Sith order, caused by them using a destructive Force technique called a thought bomb against the Jedi but which ends up destroying the Sith as well. It describes how and why Darth Bane, the sole Sith survivor of the Battle of Ruusan reforms the Sith order into having the one-master-one-apprentice structure that we know from the movies. All these events are seen through the eyes of three children from a backwater planet recruited into the rank of the Jedi, one of whom (Darth Zannah) becomes the first apprentice in the new Sith order.

Describing the events that lead to the construction of the monument, the Valley of the Jedi, Jedi vs. Sith links up with the Jedi Knight computer game series. By involving Darth Bane and the reformation of the Sith, it also links up with the Star Wars movies.

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27 August, 2007

Ramayan 3392 A.D.

Ramayan 3392 A.D. (formerly called Ramayana Reborn) is a comic book series based upon the Indian epic called Ramayana. It is written by Shamik Dasgupta and the art is by Abhishek Singh, and it was created based on a story by Deepak Chopra and Shekhar Kapur. It features a re-imagining of the historical classic in a science fiction setting.

The story primarily deals with the battles between the last kingdom of humans with demons (called Asuras) in a post-Apocalyptic world. The series' prime protagonist is the human prince Rama who, alongside his brothers, aim to bring down the demon-lord Ravan.

Newer issues will be uploaded as and when they are released and scanned.


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25 August, 2007

Comics : No more Requests



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24 August, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Portuguese (Harry Poter e as Reliqueas da Morte)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series of novels by J. K. Rowling. Available in Portuguese on Blue Apple Comics: Comics for Download in PDF was released globally in 93 countries, on 21 July 2007; The book reached the top spot on both the and Barnes and Noble best-seller lists just a few hours after the date of publication was announced on 1 February 2007. In July 2007 the U.K. newspaper the Daily Telegraph reported that it had been bought by more than 10% of the British population in the 5 days since its release

Retailers such as, Barnes & Noble, and Borders reported that more orders had been placed for this book than for any other in history, with stating that advance orders of the book reached 2.2 million worldwide, breaking the record set by the sixth book of 1.5 million. Scholastic announced an unprecedented initial print run of 12 million copies.

On the book's first day of sales, it sold 11 million copies in the UK and U.S., breaking the record of 9 million held by the sixth book. In the U.S., 8.3 million hardcovers were sold during the first 24 hours, breaking the record of 6.9 million set by the sixth book. In addition 400,000 copies were sold in Germany in the first 24 hours, all 250,000 copies made available in Holland and Belgium, 170,000 in India, and just over 573,000 copies in Australia; while in Canada over 800,000 copies were sold in the first two days. Barnes & Noble, the largest U.S. book chain, reported all-time record sales of 1.8 million copies in the first two days including 560,000 in the first hour - a rate of more than 150 copies per second. The audiobook broke records as well, with 225,000 copies sold in the first two days, according to Random House Audio's Listening Library. Borders reported record sales of 1.2 million copies on the first day, breaking the record of 850,000 set by the sixth book.

During the run-up to the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Bloomsbury's stock lost more than £151M in value. Investors were reacting to the end of the publisher's key product. In the last financial year in which no Harry Potter book was released, Bloomsbury's profits dropped by 75%.

Check out J.K.Rowling's webchat with Harry Potter Fans Part 1, Part 2
Warning: Lots of spoilers TRUST ME you don't wanna miss this!

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16 August, 2007

Route 666

Route 666 takes place on the fictional planet of Erebus in a country called The United States of Empyrean, which mimics the innocent feel and the actual mindset, lifestyles and technology of the 50's era of our own Earth's United States of America. A feuding nation, the People's Republic of Rodina, is presumably a combination of Russia and China, creating a mood through the book that mirrors the Cold War between capitalism and communism. (Rodina is Russian for motherland).

The lead character, Cassie Heloise Starkweather , or Cassie, could see dead people when she was a child, but she repressed the talent. As a college student, she finds herself on the run after a pair of dark spirits catches her talking to the soul of her recently deceased roommate and teammate, Helene Mengert, a young Welkin State University gymnast who had been inadvertently killed by a chain of reactions created by Cassie's lack of concentration on a balance beam.

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13 August, 2007

Criminal: Eisner Award Winner 2007 - Best New Series

Criminal is an ongoing creator-owned crime comic book by writer Ed Brubaker with artist Sean Phillips published by Marvel Comics' Icon label. The series is a meditation on the clich├ęs of the crime genre while remaining realistic and believable. In some ways it's an attempt to recapture much of the mood and style of Sleeper while removing the usual superhero trappings found in most mainstream comics

In Criminal, the story arcs are self-contained and focus on different characters, but these central characters inhabit the same world, frequent the same bar, and share a common history of two generations of crime. With his partner Ivan, Tommy Patterson ran the city's most proficient crew of pickpockets and taught the trade to his eight-year-old son, Leo. When Tommy was arrested and imprisoned for the murder of Teeg Lawless, Ivan took care of Leo and explained to him how following certain rules can keep a criminal "out in the world," out of both prison and the morgue.

Around the same time, Teeg Lawless' two sons were arrested. While his fifteen-year-old brother Ricky was sent to a juvenile work camp, Tracy Lawless was given the option of going to prison or enlisting in the armed forces. Tracy joined the U.S. Army, abandoning Ricky but honing his skills as a soldier.

The Series has won the following Awards at the Eisner Awards 2007:

  • Best New Series
  • Best Writer: Ed Brubaker


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