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30 March, 2007

Blue Apple Comics: How to use WinRAR - FAQ

Mission: To get all the great Comics out there and post Free Rapidshare Comic Download links available for unlimited free Downloads for all those who can't afford or access these Comics.

  • All links are around 60MB
  • Place all the links of a set (they have same name with extension .part1.rar , .part2.rar, .part3.rar ....) inside the same folder
  • Open the file with the extension .part1.rar and select the option Extract To
  • Use the Free Comic Book Reader Software to read the extracted Comics
  • Happy Reading!


If you have a problem with any of the files or if there's a break in the archive and one of the comics is damaged or fails to extract, Download that part alone once more. It's highly unlikely that there will be problems with the Comics I upload, try again, use a good Download manager like Flashget.

Download Flashget (It's Free)

Download Free version of WinRar

Download Comic Book Reader Software (Free)

The best things in life are still free! :)


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Firstly thankyou very much for sharing such a huge collection of comics. I saw Tomb Raider series on Blue Apple. I have the second series of TR - 'Tomb Raider Journeys' and I would love to share it with others.

What should I do? I will even upload it to or any other site.

Do assist me. Please

Blue Apple said...

I post on both sites... I'm the only connection... All Tomb Raider Comics are on this site... Use the search function!

Anonymous said...

do u have any links 2 "The End Wolfverine" ......

Anonymous said...

WinRAR is indeed a great archiver, and I recommend & use it.

I must point out there is no "free" version of WinRAR, though you can download it from the vendor as shareware which is supposed to be registered, can download pirate versions everywhere, and can add a certain small file to the vendor version to make it "registered."

Also, consider downloading the latest WinRAR version 3.70 instead of 3.62 as the older has some vulnerabilities. Be safe.

Alternatively, consider a truly "free" archiver which handles RAR and ZIP archives fine. 7-ZIP is open source, download from

For example

Or if you want to take a chance on Beta software

Cheers, and best to this worthy site!