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22 March, 2007

Please link to Blue Apple Comics

Hi Comic Lovers,
Please link to Blue Apple Comics... Only if you provide links to Blue Apple Comics more comic lovers can visit and download the comics.

Also Blue Apple Comics doesn't show up on Google search because there are hardly any links... Please link to my site. THANKS!


Black Hole said...

sure buddy will do

Delon said...

Added to my blogs!

Blue Apple said...

Thanks Black Hole & Delon! Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hope blue apple comics gets very popular friend.
It is a wonderful site.
Please reupload classics illustrated soon.
Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Great site! I hope you can post Death of Superman and Batman: KnightQuest/Knightfall/KnightsEnd. Thanks and more power!

Anonymous said...

can u post links 2

"The End Wolverine"


"Death of Superman and Batman: KnightQuest/Knightfall/KnightsEnd"

Anonymous said...

Can u please provide the links of 'Roy of Rovers'?

ADG said...

I'll add it to my group and site within 48 hrs. You have any banner or advertising stuff or somethin'?