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09 March, 2007

Blue Apple Comics: Rapidsafe is Rapidshare: FAQ

All the Comics posted here for FREE Downloads are RAPIDSHARE COMICS links.
The Rapidsafe Comics links posted here are actually Blue Apple Comics' RAPIDSHARE COMICS DOWNLOAD Links.

What is Rapidsafe?
A free service that disguises links to make deletion diffficult

Procedure for Free Users
Click through, just one extra step in the process

Procedure for Premium Users
Sign in to your premium account the cookie will be created on your computer.
Click on the Rapidsafe links. Either you select free or premium, the download begins automatically.
Rapidsafe works amazingly with Flashget. Download FLASHGET, It's FREE and the most used Download manager in the world.

Settings in Flashget:
Either set Default to Login to Server, and also add your username and password.

Or Right click on one of the added Rapidsafe links, Click Properties, then Site Properties, a window will open with as header, Select Login to Server, and also add your username and password.

You have at least three options to avoid the Zango Popup when you try downloading a RapidSafe Link
  1. Turn off javascript on Internet Explorer or your default Browser
  2. Switch to Opera (which is anyway like the best browser on the planet) where zango gets blocked by default
  3. For those using Firefox select noscript and it will work just fine


Anonymous said...

Hi, you said "Rapidsafe works amazingly with Flashget". Can you expand on that, please? I usually just paste the direct URL into flashget, but with rapidsafe, I can NOT do that without clicking thru all the buttons. Is there a quick way to, say, paste 10 URL's to flashget and download at the same time? Thanks very much for your help!

Blue Apple said...

@ Anon

It's working for me... Monitor clipboard... when you copy Rapidsafe links it automatically starts downloading.

If you're using an older version of Flashget, download the one for which I've given a link.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply, but that means that, for example, if I have 10 files, I would have to click and copy 10 times, right? I was hoping there was a way I could avoid doing that, by just copy-and-paste 10 URL's at the same time to Flashget. Thanks anyway!

Blue Apple said...

Anon... leave a name!

Download the newer version of FLASH GET.

You can copy even 300 links at a time. It worked even now for me...

Where are u from maybe you can call me... or mail me at theblueapple AT gmail DOT com

James said...

I am a FREE user, am I able to use Flashget to download files? If I can, I am unable to. Also it makes me wait maybe 30 minutes after each download to get a file...this would take forever to download the things that I want to read.

Have you ever considered xdrive? It might be easier to share files, although the limit is only 5GB for free account. But you can share folders with other people. I know this would be a big hassle, but just a thought. Anyways, any help with flashget would be appreciated. Thanks!

Blue Apple said...

@ James
My uploads till now in Rapidsahare will be around 80+ GB.

There are many services... Rapidshare maybe a pain for free users (if you see it that way :) ) it makes you wait and prevents you from using a download manager... But it's good.. maybe even the best overall

james said...

Rapidsafe is blocked by websense that is being used at school; however, rapishare still works. Is there a way to download the file using some kind of rapidshare search? I really don't want to use a proxy to get around websense (I don't even know if proxies work with websense anymore, it has been a while)

Blue Apple said...

Sorry you'll have to devise a work around... If you've been following my blog u will know that I lost more than 20GB in a week alone links before I was forced to use Rapidsafe

james said...

Yea I understand, I have gotten around it by going to rapidsafe at home to get the links from rapidshare and then downloading it at school if I need to since they have faster internet.

There doesn't seem to be any reliable search engines out there for rapidshare, the only thing I have found is using google, but it doesn't work very well.

Thanks for all your hard work! I really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that Flashget doesn't work for me on Rapidshare. It hasn't since Rapidshare changed from .de to .com.

You know how FlashGet downloads a file in 5 parts or more? And usually when one part has finished downloading, it will start a new stream so that there are always 5 parts. In FlashGet the new stream never starts - always has an error. Thus the download never completes.

I get this both at home and at work . I get this using my old FlashGet and even the latest version.

Now I use Orbit downloader (also free) and it works great!
The Firefox 'FlashGot' extension also supports Orbit.

Anonymous said...

ps, in the above post I was of course talking about downloading with a Rapidshare Premium account.

Anonymous said...

I can't download directly from rapidsafe unless I click the button. Doesn't work with latest version of the Flashget also. All I get is an HTML file.
If I have to download from 10 links of rapidsafe, I have to manually click on each button. How to get around this?

Blue Apple said...

Enable Monitor clipboard and copy the links, it'll open dialog box immediately.

Prob is not with RapidSafe, it's how you're using it. I use it and it works very well for me.

Enigma86 said...

Whenever I type a rapidsafe link I am redirected to What is wrong ? Are the links dead ?

Pierpaolo said...

hi! even if I monitor clipboard, FG opens the dialog box, but always downloads the rapidsafe page...
I'm wondering: why can't you just post RShare links directly??
anyway, I'm using firefox but using IE leads me to the same result...
should i use some particular settings for flashget?

thanks for reply and, btw: good work!!!

P.S.: I'm using FG version and a RS premium account

Blue Apple said...


There's a default option in Flashget. Enter your Username and password and click the option login to server.

You can even do that for undividual sites/domain.

Why I use Rapidsafe? Check out the archives of five months behind... you'll understand.

Pierpaolo said...

it works!! thank you!!
bur did I miss the part of the FAQ in wich you explained to set username and password or did you add that part after my request?

anyway: thank you again! now I can have read those comix!!

P.S.: maybe it's not the right place but, could you please post marvel's transformers comics? I'm talking about this one:

shaan_verma23 said...

HI there ! i tried to download calvin and hobbes from this site , but after downoading it opens wid my browser instead . and i can't view at all

Blue Apple said...


Check the Troubleshooting Guide on the sidebar

Anonymous said...

why not use zhare, they dont have time limits

Anonymous said...
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ehsan said...
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webmasterpoop said...
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Anonymous said...

To the Owner of this wonderful site:

There is a solution for the 90-days-Eraise-Problem from Rapidshare.

You just have to start downloading the files for 5-6 sec and then break up.

There is also a kind of URL-List Generator which loud only 1MB whitout saving. (Read more in diffrent boards)

So pls keep this site going. Ist a great work. Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

for the last two days any attempt to download is being redirected to zango. will this be a permanent problem or is there any way of downloading without installing this unwanted programme? thanks.

Debarshi Roy said...

zango sucks, i cannot download any of the files

Anonymous said...

zango has completely taken over rapidsafe. It's no longer worth using.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I just landed on this site and I can't download all the really cool stuff. Why?
Aw man...

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with this ZANGO man????
I can't download from Rapidsafe.!!!

Chris said...

awesome blog nice comics thx a lot i have a few like green lantern corps, marvel civil war and others maybe i can send to you so it can be post see ya keep up the good work

John said...

You guys have some great comics, however I tried your little procedure and I failed in every regard to get rid of that Zango thing. I own a premium account with rapidshare. I live in Alaska so I can't install the Zango software...what can I do to attain some of these wonderful comics?

Germain said...

when i try to downlaod from rapidsafe, it doesn't work :
the site opens, but when i click premium or free button, a "please wait while loading" banner appears and the download doesn't come (i waited around 10 minutes, it still doesn't show). I tried using firefox, opera and Internet Explorer, it didn't work ! how can i fix this ? Please help !

Blue Apple said...

@ John

If you have a premium you just copy paste the links into a download manager like flashget.


It's working just fine... 100s of downloads are happening daily. maybe a firewall issue at your place?