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13 April, 2007

Rapidshare removes counter for free users

To Reaffirm Blue Apple Comic's Mission: To get all the great Comics out there and post Free Rapidshare Comic Download links available for unlimited free Downloads for all those who can't afford or access these Comics.

5. Apr. 2007

RapidShare wishes you a Happy Easter!
During the holidays the countdown for download tickets is deactivated. Free users can directly enter the security code (captcha).

Posted on the Rapidshare site in the News section.

So all you free users and Rapidshare haters, download away, it definitely won't last long, why not use it to the fullest while it lasts?


Anonymous said...

It's only the (~30 secs) counter before downloading that's removed, not the long wait in between 2 downloads :(

james said...

Yea, I think megaupload is better in this aspect for free users; the wait is only 45 seconds. I belive the wait in between isn't that bad compare to rapidshare.

I don't know how long they keep files though; rapisafe might be better on that aspect.

If there would be packs uploaded instead of individual files, it might help free users download more.

Anonymous said...

The ideal situation would be a combination... individual files to rapidshare, and packs to megaupload. That way people can choose which download link to use (and people who only need individual files can find them), and it won't matter so much if the megaupload link expires, because the rapidshare links will still be there...