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18 June, 2007

Donald Duck by Carl Barks (1943 - 1952)

Donald Duck is an animated cartoon and comic-book character from Walt Disney Productions. Although usually easygoing, Donald's most famous trait is his short and often explosive temper. He is also sometimes portrayed as more crafty and cynical than other characters such as Goofy or Mickey.
Donald was created by Walt Disney when he heard Clarence Nash doing his "duck" voice while reciting "Mary had a little lamb". Mickey Mouse had lost some of his edge since becoming a role model for children and Disney wanted a character that could portray some of the more negative character traits he could no longer bestow on Mickey.
Yeah... Yeah... links are singular files. But they're worth every ounce of effort, Trust Me!

1 comment:

manthiram said...

...didn't expect them to be so good, but they are just awesome...thanks mate..

btw...any further update on the initiative, spiderman or world war hulk?