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30 September, 2007

52 (Remixed) by Sith Witch

52 REMIXED is an edited and revised version of DC's 52, separated into six storylines that occasionally interweave. The aim here was to fix the lack of tension in some parts of 52 by compressing time and making it coherent and ordered. Download 52 (Complete) here

The storylines are:
Black Adam: Reign of Death 01-09
Booster Gold: Somewhere in Time 01-06
Ralph Dibny: The Quest For Fate 01-04
The Mystery in Space 01-05
The Question: Answer the Question 01-07
U.S. Steel: Be Your Own Hero 01-06

and also 52 Remixed: Secret Files & Origins 01-03

Thanks go out to Kryptonia for the great scans of the original issues of 52, and everyone at Z-Cult who helped with the revision process.


Read 52 (Complete)

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The Dude said...

Hey! welcome back!
its good to see you back and posting again!