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12 August, 2007 Ongoing Comic Series Update

Several Ongoing Comic Series of Comics are being posted on Blue Apple Comics now easily accesible through!

It would get extremely Confusing to create too many posts and give's users a bad time. So each Comic will be updated on it's own link till there are enough links to justify a separate post.

If there are only one or two issue updates the new links are Highlighted linke this NEW

If it is a large update, I'm sure you'll know which ones have been updated. Have fun!

List of Updated Comic Series (Click on Link):

World War Hulk

Spider-Man: Back in Black

The Initiative (Marvel Event) UPDATED 6

X-Men 1 - 200 & Annuals

Amazing Spiderman (Complete) - Updated!

Detective Comics - Batman (Update 1)

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man

Sensational Spider-Man (Marvel Knights Spider-Man)

Spiderman Loves Mary Jane

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

All Star Superman: Eisner Award Winner, 2006

Better Versions of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows are also available.


PAT said...

I hope its not too much of a bother, but do you have access to some of the real rare stuff - like Spaceknight ROM, The Submariner, Shazam, Luke Cage, etc?

Blue Apple said...

catalogue of my collection is available on side bar. Request stuff from that. I dont have what u ask