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30 March, 2007

Blue Apple Comics: How to use WinRAR - FAQ

Mission: To get all the great Comics out there and post Free Rapidshare Comic Download links available for unlimited free Downloads for all those who can't afford or access these Comics.

  • All links are around 60MB
  • Place all the links of a set (they have same name with extension .part1.rar , .part2.rar, .part3.rar ....) inside the same folder
  • Open the file with the extension .part1.rar and select the option Extract To
  • Use the Free Comic Book Reader Software to read the extracted Comics
  • Happy Reading!


If you have a problem with any of the files or if there's a break in the archive and one of the comics is damaged or fails to extract, Download that part alone once more. It's highly unlikely that there will be problems with the Comics I upload, try again, use a good Download manager like Flashget.

Download Flashget (It's Free)

Download Free version of WinRar

Download Comic Book Reader Software (Free)

The best things in life are still free! :)

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28 March, 2007

Erle Stanley Gardner

Complete Erle Stanley Gardner @

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24 March, 2007

Tomb Raider

I’m Sure Tomb Raider, Lara Croft or Angelina Jolie need no introductions after all, the Guinness Book of World Records have recognized Lara Croft as the “Most Successful Human Videogame Heroine” in 2006. Also, the debut issue of Tomb Raider was the number one-selling comic book of 1999. So here she comes!

Lara Croft, The heroine of the game Tomb Raider, is a British archeologist working for hire to recover lost atrifatcs, whether from tombs, or the clutches of selfish collectors NEW

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22 March, 2007

Please link to Blue Apple Comics

Hi Comic Lovers,
Please link to Blue Apple Comics... Only if you provide links to Blue Apple Comics more comic lovers can visit and download the comics.

Also Blue Apple Comics doesn't show up on Google search because there are hardly any links... Please link to my site. THANKS!

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21 March, 2007

300 by Frank Miller

300 is a historically-inspired comic book by Frank Miller. The comic loosely depicts the Battle of Thermopylae & the events leading up to it from the perspective of Leonidas I, king of Sparta. 300 was particularly inspired by the 1962 film The 300 Spartans.

Miller's art style for this project was similar to his Sin City work. 300 was initially published as a monthly five-issue comic book series by Dark Horse Comics, the first issue published in May 1998. The issues were titled Honor, Duty, Glory, Combat and Victory.

The series won three Eisner Awards in 1999:

  • Best Limited Series
  • Best Writer/Artist for Frank Miller
  • Best Colorist for Lynn Varley

Rapidsafe is links disguised: Read the FAQ

Single Download link for Free users

The work was collected as a hardcover graphic novel in 1999.The work inspired a movie, which is running to packed houses all over the world. http://300themovie.warnerbros/

Join 300 Communities on ORKUT

Plot of 300
A group of Persian messengers arrive at Sparta, demanding Sparta's submission to King Xerxes. Outraged and offended at their behavior, King Leonidas kicks the messengers into a pit and resolves to fight the Persians. Leonidas gathers 300 of his best soldiers to fight the Persians. As they march north, they are joined by a group of Arcadians and other Greeks. Arriving at the narrow cliffs of Thermopylae (or "Hot Gates"), in sight of the Persian army, they build a wall to halt the Persians' advance. Ephialtes, a hunchbacked Spartan, approaches Leonidas, requesting to redeem his father's name in battle, and warning him about a secret goat path that the Persians could use to surround them. Leonidas turns him away as his inability to properly hold the shield would create a weak spot in the phalanx.

The Spartans fight off numerous waves of Persian attackers, including their elite group of the Immortals, using the phalanx formation and hand to hand combat. The 300 defend their position for a number of days and suffer few losses. Xerxes, impressed, approaches Leonidas directly and promises him wealth and power in exchange for his surrender. The Spartan king declines, saying that he will instead make the "God King" bleed. Shortly thereafter, an embittered Ephialtes reveals the goat path to Xerxes, and is promised a lucrative and powerful position in the Persian Empire.

Meanwhile, the Greeks realize that Ephialtes has betrayed them, and the Arcadians decide to retreat in the face of certain death. The Spartans refuse to follow. Leonidas orders only one man, Dilios, to retreat and use his rhetorical gifts to tell the story of the 300 to the Spartan people, ensuring that they be remembered. Dilios reluctantly leaves with the Arcadians. At Sparta, Queen Gorgo appears in front of the council, to persuade the Spartan council to send reinforcements to Leonidas, the Council unites against Persia.

At Thermopylae, the 300 are surrounded by the Persian troops. Xerxes' spokesman demands their surrender, saying that Leonidas may keep his title as King of Sparta and become warlord of all Greece, answering only to Xerxes. In defiance, Leonidas throws his spear at Xerxes, and cuts his cheek, thus delivering on his promise to "make the 'God King' bleed." Xerxes signals for his archers to fire. The remaining Spartans are killed in the hail of arrows, with Leonidas dying last. Dilios eventually returns to Sparta and inspires the council with the bravery of the 300. Dilios concludes that the Persian army, who defeated a mere 300 Spartans only after great difficulty, must now be terrified to face 10,000 Spartans and 30,000 Greeks from the other city-states. The roused Greek host heads off to fight the Persian army, beginning the Battle of Plataea.

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15 March, 2007

Tales of TMNT: vol 1

Tales of TMNT is a Mirage Studio's comic book series revived by writer Stephen Murphy. Features 24 page stories about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Based on the original Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book penciled by Jim Lawson and inked by Ryan Brown and published in the late 1980's.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are
Leonardo: The unofficial leader of the group. He is the most talented fighter and is closest to Master Splinter. Donatello: The inventor of the group, Donatello builds most of the turtles gadgets and vehicles. In the future, he wears a purple jacket and is seen without his mask. Raphael: The wisecracking jokester of the group, Raphael can be quite sarcastic and goofy at times. In the future, Raphael weres a hat and an eyepatch. Michelangelo: The most relaxed member of the group, he is mostly into pizza and goofing around with Raphael.

Rapidsafe is links disguised: Read the FAQ

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09 March, 2007

Blue Apple Comics: Rapidsafe is Rapidshare: FAQ

All the Comics posted here for FREE Downloads are RAPIDSHARE COMICS links.
The Rapidsafe Comics links posted here are actually Blue Apple Comics' RAPIDSHARE COMICS DOWNLOAD Links.

What is Rapidsafe?
A free service that disguises links to make deletion diffficult

Procedure for Free Users
Click through, just one extra step in the process

Procedure for Premium Users
Sign in to your premium account the cookie will be created on your computer.
Click on the Rapidsafe links. Either you select free or premium, the download begins automatically.
Rapidsafe works amazingly with Flashget. Download FLASHGET, It's FREE and the most used Download manager in the world.

Settings in Flashget:
Either set Default to Login to Server, and also add your username and password.

Or Right click on one of the added Rapidsafe links, Click Properties, then Site Properties, a window will open with as header, Select Login to Server, and also add your username and password.

You have at least three options to avoid the Zango Popup when you try downloading a RapidSafe Link

  1. Turn off javascript on Internet Explorer or your default Browser
  2. Switch to Opera (which is anyway like the best browser on the planet) where zango gets blocked by default
  3. For those using Firefox select noscript and it will work just fine

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02 March, 2007

Dean Koontz

Complete Dean Koontz @

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Rapidshare Link Protection

Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions. I've lots of links yet to be published. Rapidshare is the best file sharing service even though it gives a raw deal to free users. So I'll stick with Rapidshare, I'll try to upload larger bunch links after I get a faster net connection. It will cost me more... but I guess that's ok.

There seem to be many Rapidshare link protection services.
Which is good for Free users, while not doing something bad to premium users?
I've visited Rapidsafe & ShareProtect...

Suggestions from people who used these (to download or to protect) please

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