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31 October, 2007

The Authority v3 Revolution

The Authority is a superhero comic book published by DC Comics under the Wildstorm imprint. It was created by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, and follows the adventures of The Authority, a superhero team mainly comprised of Ellis-created characters taken from Stormwatch - a title Ellis had previously written.

It is notable for its intense graphic violence, use of racial and sexual stereotypes, and visual flair, often described as "widescreen" comics, and the uncompromising attitudes of its characters.

The Authority Volume 3: Revolution
The series was restarted in October of 2004 under the title The Authority: Revolution. This series was written by Ed Brubaker with art by Dustin Nguyen and Richard Friend. It focuses on the troubles the Authority faces as the rulers of America.

The Authority are plagued by a group of old superhumans called the Sons of Liberty, consisting of old patriotic superheroes from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s. They rally American citizens discontented with the Authority's take-over of the US government, and lead a series of riots across the nation, answering to a mysterious man in a hood who operates his own Carrier and has an entire alien race under his control.

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John Woo's Seven Brother - Garth Ennis

Six hundred years ago, a mighty treasure fleet set out to sail the oceans of the world. They reached every continent, discovered every land long before history's great explorers stole the credit for their feats. Now, in modern day Los Angeles, seven men with nothing in common but their destinies are drawn together in the service of a mysterious young woman. An ancient prophecy must be fulfilled. Something terrible is reaching out across the centuries. There's a world to be saved... and the only hope for us all is a motley crew of so-called brothers and a power too terrifying to be used.

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30 October, 2007

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24 October, 2007

Transformers 2: Leaked Movie Script

Transformers 2: Leaked Movie Script ahead!

With the AllSpark destroyed, the planet Cybertron is coming to a end.
The Decepticons who are inhabiting it are divided and are on the verge of extinction. The Transformers on Earth have lived in peace since the destruction of Megatron and the eradication of Sector Seven, however, Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots fears that the Decepticons are back and are on the hunt for something far more dangerous than the AllSpark; the very thing that puts soul and life into the Transformers; that very thing is the creation Matrix...
Pumped with many more Transformers Oldies and loosely based on the Transformers Animated Movie, this pre-production script is gonna give you the thrills on whats coming in Transformers 2!!


Thanks Anubhav

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13 October, 2007

Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron

X-wing: Rogue Squadron is a series of comic books published by Dark Horse Comics. The first issue was released on 1 July 1995. It ran for 35 issues.

Story Arcs in the Series:
X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Rebel Opposition
X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Phantom Affair
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Battleground: Tatooine
X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Warrior Princess
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Requiem for a Rogue
X-wing Rogue Squadron: In the Empire's Service
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Family Ties
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Masquerade
X-wing Rogue Squadron: Mandatory Retirement

The greatest starfighters of the Rebel Alliance become the defenders of a New Republic in this massive collection of stories featuring Wedge Antilles, hero of the Battle of Endor, and his team of ace pilots known throughout the galaxy as Rogue Squadron!

In Rebel Opposition: Meet the Rogues for the first time and learn the fate of the galaxy immediately after the events of Return of the Jedi as the Rebellion's best pilots battle remnants of the Empire wherever its ugly agenda of fear and domination appears.


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